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The crypto wallet on the Goerli blockchain with no gas fees (mainnet coming soon)

Grape Wallet
Why Use Gasless Grapes?
  • Pay less gas fees
    Like literally 0 gas fees
  • Never Lose Access To Your Wallet
    Biometric login means you never have to remember gibberish private keys "fh092783gfcb2gc08G)*GFD^#B@#G"
  • Invest With One Click (Coming Soon)
    Complex loops, and leveraged yield farms? Tell us the steps, and we will save it all into one-click
  • Protect your assets (Coming Soon)
    We simulate your transactions and signature to make sure you aren't signing away your crypto fortune

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Emanuel Perez


Can't wait to try out your wallet when it's out!🔥

5th Jan 23



I've always found p annoying the way you have to connect/disconnect accounts on MM.

4th Jan 23

F3 XpsPro Gamer



3 days ago



Banger idea, just what web3 needs 💯 lots of questions about the implementation, would be super keen to try out the final product!

20th Dec 22



nice idea guys

21st Dec 22

Steve Han


This kind of sounds too good to be true? What's the catch?

20th Dec 22

harpaljadeja.eth / .lens 💚



21st Dec 22

rbank.eth 🤖


I like this a lot - simple, concise idea that addresses major pain points. The name made me raise an eyebrow, but with the right branding that may not be a bad thing..

21st Dec 22